Frequently Asked Questions

Here are just some of the questions we are regularly asked at the Young Farmers Federation...

Q. Do you have to be a farmer to join?

A. No! Of course many of our members are from farming families, however, Young Farmers' Clubs are open to anyone aged 10-26 who is interested in agriculture and rural life. In line with the organisation's long history, there is a strong emphasis on personal development and clubs are run by the members. This means you can influence what happens at your club and get fantastic experience for your CV, whilst having a great time and making life-long friends.

Q. What activities Young Farmers’ Clubs do?

A. YFC members decide their own club programme, this helps ensure that there is something for everyone and every YFC member gets to try new things and learn new skills. Some activities are part of the regular club meetings, sometimes there are trips, and year round there are a huge range of competitions to get involved with. Many competitions progress to Northern Area and National Finals, although there are also county competitions.

Q. How much does it cost to join a Young Farmers' Club?

A. Membership costs vary as YFCs set their own subscription charges. Many clubs offer different rates, for example a cheaper rate for early payment. As there are also county and national fees to pay in addition to club fees, many clubs fund raise to help keep costs down for individual members.

Q. How is a Young Farmers' Club run and how is it kept safe?

A. Each Club elects a committee from its members. It is the committee's job to ensure the club is well run and is safe for members. Clubs are supported by an Advisory Committee and/or a Board of Trustees, who are often ex-members with years of knowledge and experience. Clubs can also access support from the County Federation and the National Federation. There are a range of policies and procedures in place to provide guidance to members about how to run things safely and effectively.

Q. Are members insured when participating in YFC activities?

A. Yes. All members are covered by YFC insurance when attending club meetings, trips and competitions. All clubs also have public liability insurance in place.

Q How can I join a Young Farmers' Club?

A. You can join one of Lancashire's Young Farmers' Clubs by contacting the County Office on 01200 426335 or by emailing