Our People

Pamela Fawcett

Pamela was a member of her local club Samlesbury YFC. Over the years she frequently represented her Club, Region, and County in various competitions up to a National Level, and took on responsibilities such as Club Programme Secretary. Pamela was also Secretary of Ribble Valley Region for 3 years and then County Staff Management Secretary for a further 3 years.

Due to her hard work, she was privileged to receive the President’s Award from Alice Bradley. Pamela’s Young Farmers adventure didn’t stop when she turned 26. Since then she has become, and still remains, an active Advisory Member of Samlesbury YFC, as well as being Club President from 1994-1997 and again in 2000-2003. She became LFYFC County President on 8th December 2016.

“I have had a very long and happy association with the Young Farmers’ Movement where I have met some of my closest friends and continue to meet wonderful people in this unique organisation.

"Your club is the most important parts of the federation, and I ask members to see your club as a ‘Haven’. There is no shortage of doom and gloom at the present time. Each one of us needs somewhere to escape to a haven if you will. Use your club and absolutely enjoy your time there and all it has to offer.

"If you think my presence at an event or meeting would help, please get in touch. I cannot promise I will always be able to attend but if I can help in anyway, I will.”


Rachel Parker
Chairman (2017 - 2018)

I have been a member of Vale O' Lune YFC for over 12 years and am really excited to have become Lancashire FYFC's chairman.

I have held several positions at club and regional level and have got stuck into most competitions and events where I can!

I am currently on the Competitions and Social committees on behalf of my club and am one of the Northern Area and National representatives for Lancashire.

This past year I have also been lucky to have been the Chairman for the Competitions steering committee at National, which has been brilliant way to meet new people and see lots of Lancashire members at National competition finals.

I am really looking forward to my year as chairman and hope to see you and your members soon!

Alice Singleton
Vice Chair (2017 - 2018) and also Press & Social Media Secretary

I couldn't tell you how I landed my role within Lancashire YFC, but all I know is since I joined YFC (again) at the age of 19, I have never looked back.

I am an active member of Samlesbury YFC where I have been for a combined total of about 10 years. I started off, as many did, as a 'brew co-ordinator' which was great until someone discovered I make a terrible cup of tea. Since then I have been the scrap book secretary, club secretary, and am now programme secretary and press and social media...secretary! I have also been social secretary within the Lancashire Federation, before taking on my current role of press & social media secretary. The proudest moment of my life was winning the National Member of the Year in 2017 - an achievement I will remember for my entire life.

I enjoy all aspects of Young Farmers and love trying out new avenues and roles within the organisation. I love hearing what people have to say and doing my best to make things better or easier for them within the federation. More than anything though, I love to spread the word of how amazing YFC and in particular the Lancashire Federation is.

You will often see my name appear on Facebook, Twitter, or on various emails, asking you what you have been up to then I can help promote your club and our federation in the best possible way. 

When I am not busy with YFC, I am training to become a qualified journalist, while writing and photographing on a freelance basis for various publiciations and my own little business.

I am very passionate about my YFC roles and feel privileged to have been given the opportunities I have been given. If I can play my part in ensuring YFCs continue to provide fun, learning and support for future generations, then I will will be very proud. I have made some life-long friends through YFC and my aim is to make sure my children and grandchildren are given the chance to enjoy the same federation as I do today. We are the future of farming and it's our job to keep things moving.

I am very approachable (I think!) so please come and say hi if you see me and let me know what you are up to. You never know what I might be able to make a story out of!

James Davies
Competitions Committee Chairman

I have been a member of Bury YFC, Pennine Region since the age of 12. After being a member for a short time I took on the role of scrapbook secretary, a role I continued for a couple of years. I then progressed into becoming Treasurer and Vice Chairman of my club, as well as Regional Treasurer.

I have grown up on a family farm with mainly sheep along with a wide range of other animals. We have started to push our farm shop in order to grow the business, as well as educate the local people on farming and where their food comes from.

I love to come to Young Farmers to socialise with others as well as to learn new things. I am passionate about YFC and this has helped me to progress in competitions such as Cycling Proficiency where I got through to National level and came in 6th place. I love to compete so I thought, why not go for the role of Competitions Chairman?!

I am looking forward to the year ahead to introduce some more competitions as well as make them run smoother and quicker. I speak to many people within the county and outside the federation in order to bring in some new ideas and to see how others area run their competitions.

Katy Dutton
Competitions Committee Secretary

I have been a member of YFC for about 5 years now. And I only wish I had found it sooner!

I am very excited for my forthcoming year as Competitions Secretary, however time management is key as my other Young Farmers commitments are: Club Secretary, holding a seat on both South West Regional Committee and County Management Committee. I am a regional representative for the Social and newly formed Training Committees and one of the county representatives for the Northern Area committee. So it's fair to say YFC keeps me busy!

I have made life long friends thanks to Young Farmers; people who I would never have met otherwise, not just from my local area but from all over the county and beyond!

Outside of Young Farmers I work in the offices of a fencing and groundwork contractors.

Chris Cooke
Social Committee Chairman

I have been a member of Chorley YFC for over 10 years now and have held various positions within that time, from Secretary to Chairman. 

In 2014 I took on the role of South West Regional Chairman. I held the position for 2 years, in which time I helped to organise and run the region's first Dinner Dance and, along with the rest of the Regional Committee, organised and ran the 2016 County Rally. In my second year as Regional Chairman I took a seat on the County Social Committee where I helped to organise Spring Fling.

Outside of Young Farmers you will find me at various agricultural shows throughout the summer, showing pedigree Aberdeen Angus Cattle. I also have an interest in stage rallying where I compete at a National B level as a Co-Driver.

I’m looking forward to the new challenges that County Social Chairman will bring. I hope to improve all county social events for the good of the county and all its members.

Connie Cornthwaite
Social Committee Secretary

I was a bit late onto the scene of Young Farmers – only officially joining at the age of 17. However, I had been attending social events since I was 16... after a year of doing so I decided to join and see what else membership had to offer! It wasn’t long before I went head first into helping run my club, Bilsborrow Young Farmers.

Over the years I have been programme secretary, treasurer, vice secretary and secretary, leading on to my current role, social secretary for LFYFC. I loved it that much, I’ve even taken on the role for a second year running! My favorite event of the year has to be the annual dinner dance, it’s a great opportunity to encourage our members to get their glad rags on and be civilised, well, at least for the start of the evening!

Perhaps not in keeping with my background as a dairy farmers daughter, I am currently studying for a BA Hons Degree in Social Work at Lancaster University, and I hope to work with Children and Families as a Fostering and Adoption Social Worker after I graduate next Summer.

Outside of Young Farmers I keep myself busy working as a bar maid and a waitress. I also play with some of my fellow Young Farmers in a Netball tournament on Tuesday evenings; our team is called “Pink Ladies”. I am also part of my college Netball team at university, “Red Angels” which takes up the rest of my time between YFC and working! I am currently training to do the Great North Run half marathon in September and I am hoping to beat my time of 2hours and 5minutes!

I’m looking forward to another year as my counties social secretary. Being a social butterfly and party girl myself I hope to organise social and fundraising events for all of our members to enjoy as I have done for the past 6 years!

Carol Baird
County Administrator

As County Administrator, Carol provides support to members, clubs, elected officers and supporters, ensures the county office runs effectively and supports the development of the Federation for the future. Carol enjoys the variety of the role and a typical day could include dealing with enquiries from clubs, managing finances, updating the website and social media, taking room bookings, or helping members to organise a county competition or event.

Carol grew up in Glasgow but has lived around the UK in Leicester, Hull, Newcastle, London and Knutsford. She went to school in Clitheroe from 11-18yrs before moving round the country with various jobs in marketing, production, and event management.

Carol has lived in Clitheroe for twenty years but left the area for fifteen years to get married and have three children. She came back to Clitheroe in 2003. Carol joined LFYFC in November 2015 following roles in Home-Start, a family charity for several years. Her hobbies include drama, reading, DIY and decorating.  Carol has a BSc (Hons) in Economics and Social History.

You can contact Carol at the county office on 01200 426335 or via county.office@lfyfc.org.uk.