Wednesday 14 June

Lancashire YFC meets real life cowboy!

EACH year the National Federation of Young Farmers Clubs’ (NFYFC) launches about 19 opportunities for members to travel all over the world.

This also works in return, in that members of NFYFC can also become hosts to exchangees from around the world.

This year we had the pleasure of hosting Will Craigie, a farmer’s son from Tasmania, Australia.

Will, a member of Rural Youth in Australia, first came to the UK for the NFYFC Annual Convention in April, and has gradually worked his way around the country staying with host families, attending YFC meetings and activities and exploring British life.

When he arrived in Lancashire, after a weekend at the Northern Area Field Day in County Durham, we ‘took five’ with Will on his journey so far.

Many thanks to all who hosted Will along his UK journey, and a special thanks to James Davies and family for hosting him during his time in Lancashire.

Enjoy the rest of your adventure, Will - we hope to see you again soon!


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