Monday 26 February

Lancashire Successes at Northern Area

MEMBERS of Lancashire YFC clubs came away with some fantastic awards at the Northern Area competitions this weekend (24th - 25th February) in Scarborough.

From jump rope, to Member of the Year, and anything in between, members excelled in all areas of competing, utilising skills they have learnt in, and outside, the federation.

Rachel Parker, Lancashire YFC County Chairman said it was a fantastic weekend with mostly everything running smoothly.

She said: “It was fantastic to see so many Lancashire members competing in different competitions, and at all ages as well.

“Each year we thrive to enter more events and this year we have so many teams through to compete at a National level.”

Congratulations to all members who competed, and best of luck to those going on to National level.

Lancashire Awards:


2nd place - Heather Alp, Robert Spencer, Mary Wallbank, Jim Smith, Megan Ashworth.

Best Second Opposition in Debate: Jim Smith

Best Second Proposition in Debate: Robert Spencer


Just A Minute:

2nd place - Grace Ashworth, Daniel Duerden, Eleanor Chew, Julia Wadeson



2nd place - Diane Roe, Joe Metcalf, Craig Johnson, Tom Norris, Luke Billington, Michael Gornall, Rebecca Hodgson, Rick Moore and Meg Forshaw.


Jump Rope:

2nd place - Nicola Winterbottom, Michael Winterbottom, Georgie Haston, Julia Wadeson.


Senior Member of the Year:

3rd place - Victoria Seed



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