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Thank you! By visiting this page, you're already showing an interest in the opportunities that we are able to give to the rural youth community in and around Lancashire. Our member-lead organisation, aims to provided anyone aged 10 to 29 with opportunities to meet lifelong friends, learn new skills, and make a difference to their local community.


How do we achieve this?

Across Lancashire, we have 16 different Young Farmers Clubs that make up the Federation. Each club has weekly meetings, social events, competitions, farm tours, training courses, educational trips and much, much more. As a Federation, we bring the 16 clubs together in competitions, social events, training courses and management meetings.

Why do we need sponsors? 

Event sponsors are a great way for us to ensure that we have the funds we need to continue to organise these events, competitions, training and socials etc. With the sponsorship funds, we are able to pay for venues, judges, catering, licensing, security and equipment. It ensures that we cover the costs associated with running the events and as such, can ensure that membership remains affordable. 

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What we offer in return

Over the passed 12 months, we have been working hard on improving our online presence, on going paperless and improving our publications. As a sponsor, you would feature on all advertising, graphics, documents and publications of the event or competition that you sponsor. Your company would be published amongst our rural community, public Facebook pages, private Facebook pages and on our weekly newsletter that is circulated amongst our members. 

You will also feature on our website, our LFYFC App and know that you have helped us as a Federation, to continue to support and give opportunities to the youth of Lancashire

Our reach

  • 4,467 followers on Facebook

  • 1,403 active members in our private Facebook group

  • 833 registered members and their families receiving the weekly newsletter. 

  • 4 neighbouring counties, Yorkshire, Cumbria, Northumberland and East Riding, with members that attend our events. 

  • Free LFYFC App, used by members, families, club officials

  • We are on LinkedIn and are looking to move onto Instagram within the next 6 months

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